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"With the vocal talents of Mr. Charles Constant you can't help but to be sucked into the story!"

"Charles Constant... has the voice for it, and the intuitive feel for this type of material."

"Mr Constant knows where to pause verbally... and he knows how to give emphasis without over-dramatizing."

"Charles Constant is becoming my first choice for voice acting of serious works."

"A deeply masculine voice with inflexion on just the right things."

"A world-class vocal chronicler."

"An extremely versatile narrator."

"Very good history, excellently narrated."

"A first-rate performance."



WINNING UGLY: Mental Warfare in Tennis--Lessons from a Master
Charles Constant's narration is clear. His voice rises when an emotional anecdote calls for it and remains steady when he offers the listener one of Gilbert's many pieces of advice in list form. Gilbert covers the game exhaustively--from mental preparation to choosing which approach to take against certain types of players. Constant's narration is as reliable as the repetitive thumps of a tennis ball volleyed in a big match.